MPA Training

Master Plumbers Association trading as MPA Training has been coordinating the innovative Cadetship in Plumbing Engineering program for a cohort of incredibly enthusiastic students who will soon transition into an 18-month placement as an indentured apprentice.

After having attended the Master Plumbers College of Excellence full time for the last 18 months, students have nearly completed Module 1 which has included class-room based training, practical workshop activities and a series of intensive assessments. A series of final assessments will be completed prior to transitioning into their apprenticeships.

The Cadetship program has been coordinated at your College of Excellence using an individual case management methodology which allows for Cadets to have up to the minute feedback on progress and enhanced skill development.

Cadets will shortly transition into Module 2 which is a guaranteed 18-month placement with Master Plumbers Apprentices Ltd (Commencing as mid second-year apprentices) where practical experience will be gained and workplace assessment undertaken to determine competency before sign off of the Certificate III in Plumbing.

This program was designed to graduate qualified Plumbers who possess advanced skills and knowledge and is proudly funded by the NSW Government

“A partnership between industry and the NSW Government”

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