Cadetship in Plumbing Engineering

This is an exciting innovation in the model of Apprenticeship training in Australia. The Cadetship contains three modules.

The Master Plumbers Association of NSW has created the Cadetship in Plumbing Engineering in association with Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited (MPAL) and M P A Training Ltd (RTO).

The Cadetship is an exciting new innovation in plumbing training delivered through Master Plumbers. The advantage of undertaking training at Master Plumbers is that the training will be focused on making sure that Cadets are trained using a methodology of individual case management. The case management methodology that has been implemented will allow for Cadets to have up to the minute feedback as to progress through the Cadetship, as well as direct engagement if there are any issues that may arise that could be detrimental to the ongoing success of their training.

One of the most significant outcomes in the Cadetship is that at the successful completion of the 18 months of institutional training, the Cadet is guaranteed a placement as an apprentice plumber with Master Plumbers Apprentices Limited, a national registered group training company.

The framework of the Cadetship is contained in the attachment. The Cadetship has four (4) key components which start at effective recruitment, which involves the parents in the decision making process. It then progresses to Module 1 where all the underpinning skills and knowledge are developed at the Master Plumbers College of Excellence before the Cadet is signed up to an apprenticeship (Module 2) for fully paid workplace training with MPAL. During Module 2 the Cadet commences on 2nd year apprentice wages and is guaranteed employment with MPAL.

At the completion of the Cadetship the Cadet (Module 3) will be able to apply for and gain a licence through NSW Fair Trading as a Registered Plumber. The Cadet will then commence training in the Certificate IV in Plumbing to allow them to become a licensed contractor. This apprenticeship pathway is for 3 years and contains a higher content of training and assessment than current trade training and is open to anyone interested in leaving School to pursue a career in plumbing.

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