One night in 1895, an historic meeting took place in the Sydney Institute of Sanitary and Engineering Technology. This meeting laid down the initial foundation for the establishment of an Institute of Plumbing and Sanitary Engineers. This body was later to evolve into Australia’s first Plumbing trade association, the Master Plumbers Association of NSW, a ‘union of employers’ to be later renamed the Master Plumbers & Mechanical Contractors Association of NSW.

Since that first meeting, the Master Plumbers Association of NSW has become one of the strongest specialist contracting organisations in the building and construction industry.

Members Code of Ethics.

All members of the Association sign up to and agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.

Growing With An Industry

The plumbing industry worldwide has developed, with the introduction of new technology, into a complex and varied range of business activities reflected in the extensive and rigorous education and training undergone by apprentices entering the profession today (the TAFE trade course now resembles an engineering diploma covering multiple disciplines).

As the range of tasks of the plumbing contractor has grown rapidly over time, so has the role undertaken by the Association in representing and serving not only ‘mainstream’ plumbing firms but also the many industry specialists.

Historically as the areas represented by the Association have grown in number, its name was changed, to include and pay tribute to the specialists, by the addition of the words ‘and Mechanical Contractors’ to the original ‘Master Plumbers Association of NSW’. In 2001, it was agreed to adopt a simpler name for business purposes, and the name was shortened to the Master Plumbers Association of NSW.

As a truly representative body, the Master Plumbers Association is guided in terms of its direction, policy and member services by the requirements and wishes of its members. The members are represented via the Executive Committee, the elected governing body, through various industry sector group committees, operations sub-committees, and regional Branches. Thus, they have a direct line of input under the constitution in directing Association member services and representative policy in terms of both industry sector – specific and region – specific issues and problems.

Mission Statement

“An Association of Specialist contractors committed to providing the best practices in plumbing, draining and gasfitting for the protection of public health, safety and the environment”.

Serving Community Health

The Association strongly believes in the importance of the plumbing contractor’s role in the front line of community health, through guaranteeing the highest standards of drinking water quality and sanitation. In promoting the interests of the plumbing contractor, the Association sees as a benefit a stronger, more efficient Plumbing Industry and therefore greater standards of health for our society.

The Association lobbies, on the industry’s behalf, all levels of political representation, together with all water and gas supply, sewerage/drainage, public works, environment protection, and other relevant authorities.

Areas in which the Association has had, and/or is having, success in its representations within this context are: security of payment (particularly for the subcontracting sector of the building industry’s payment chain) and the curtailment of unfair competition by public utilities against plumbing contractors in private sector contract work.

We have always supported the most stringent standards of licensing and regulation to safeguard the quality of workmanship in the trade. Through the relevant regulatory authorities we campaign actively against unlicensed and unqualified operators in and around the industry.

The Association is dedicated to serving the needs of plumbing contractors regardless of the size of their business, from sole traders to major plumbing employers and across all sectors of the Plumbing Industry from general plumbing through to specialised fields such as scald preventing water control systems, laboratory and other advanced gas systems, fume removal, residential fire control and computerised urban irrigation.

An important member group are engaged in air conditioning, heating and ventilation contracting, which together with other work is known as mechanical services.

Master Plumbers Association of NSW

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