On Wednesday 4 December 2019 we celebrated excellence and achievement in the industry. The major presentation on the night was the Master Plumbers Association of NSW’s Gold Medal.

The Gold Medal is forged from solid gold and is engraved with the Association’s logo – Hygeia, the Greek Goddess of Health and is one of the oldest building industry related excellence awards offered by an Industry Association.

The Gold Medal was first presented in 1906 to H. Macklin. Notable recipients include former Presidents C.W. Wymer and T.C. Helsby. The Gold Medal continues the honoured radition of the acknowledgement of excellence. Last year it was presented to Ewan Hennessy hosted by Morrell Plumbing and employed by MPAL.

The Association’s Gold Medal winner is judged by a panel of the Association’s Executive Committee and is selected from the top plumbing apprentices who have completed certificate III in Plumbing. Applicants are asked to provide a summary detailing why they believe they are the best nominee for the Gold Medal. A selected number are then interviewed by the panel to determine the successful applicant.


Acknowledgment of Country

Conducted by Bill Trewlynn

Workplace Health & Safety

Sponsored by Pro-Visual Publishing – Winner: AVP Services Pty Ltd

Special Association Staff Award

Nada Daou for 30 years of service to the Association

Stephen Mewett Encouragement Award

Sponsored by Enware Australia – Winner: Zak Standing

Best 1st Year Apprentice

Sponsored by WFI – Winner
Connie Neale

Best 2nd Year Apprentice

Sponsored by In-Sink Erator – Winner: Jack Graham

Best 3rd Year Apprentice

Sponsored by Hydroflow – Winner: Thomas Moon

MPAL Bridging The Gap Award

Sponsored by MGA Insurance – Winner: Tomislav Protuder

Cadetship in Plumbing Engineering Award

Sponsored by Training Services NSW – Winner: Yan Wang


Sam McCool

Presentation of the 113th
Gold Medal

Tool prize sponsored by AusPress Systems – Winner: Ewan Hennessy

Membership Awards

25 years Membership Awards

Sponsored by HVTC – Hunter Valley Training Company


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Queenscliff Plumbing Pty Ltd
AC Smith Plumbing Pty Ltd
J&N Plumbing Pty Ltd
Egelton Plumbing Pty Ltd
Ellis Plumbing Pty Ltd
Scott Bartley Plumbing Services Pty Ltd
Mountford Plumbing Services Pty Ltd

50 years Membership Awards

Sponsored by NSW Fair Trading


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